Fitness Friday

Ok, so I’m a couple days behind on my fitness post this week. That seems to be the way things are going right now. I’m also several days behind on my 100 day burpee challenge. I just can’t seem to convince myself that doing 30 burpees at a time is ever a good idea. I loathe them, and I just need to make myself do them.

My diet this week was good. Lots of raw fruits and vegetables, and leans meats. Lots of green smoothies.
And I did get in all three of my Crossfit workouts.
And I spent time each day in quiet time.

And I have GREAT NEWS!

I did my first ever prescribed CROSSFIT workout yesterday! And I did it well enough to get on the board at our gym in FIRST PLACE for time for females! The workout was RANDY – its fairly simple in that it is only one movement — a POWER SNATCH from ground to overhead. The workout calls for 75 repetitions at 55 lbs for women. I completed it in 8:03. There were a number of females that did not come to the gym yesterday for the workout that I know are in better shape than me (really every female)- I’m guessing when they see my time and that I made it on the board they will be wanting to try it. Maybe my name will last there for a few weeks…we shall see.

In pursuit of some weight loss and better health – we are stepping up our workouts in the coming weeks from 3 Crossfit workouts each week to 5! The fun starts tomorrow. I’d say I’m better off than he is. My workouts will continue to be at 6am which is great because its not so hot outside. He will be working out at 4pm or 6pm – in the middle of Florida heat and humidity.


2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. Wow, girl!!! That’s awesome!!! Congratulations on getting your name up on the board like that. First place?! Woohooo! That’s an amazing honor! 😉

    Oh, I thought about you earlier this week– I spied a “Crossfit” sign whilst tooling about town. 🙂 I’m tempted to check it out!

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