Sunday Surprise – A New Piano Moved In

We had an unexpected purchase this month – but really a blessing for us. My sister gave us an awesome deal on her baby grand piano that we just couldn’t pass up.

I started piano when I was five. I played on and off through school, and even had some classes in college. And I fully expect to be teaching Petra some basic piano over the next year – this is the same age I started my nephew … very basic though.

Of course the hard part was figuring out how best to get it from NC to FL. We called a couple companies, and ended up hiring a professional piano moving company – Modern Piano Movers. They were fantastic. Everything was right on time and as expected. They were scheduled to arrive between 1-5pm on Sunday. AT 1pm this enormous truck pulled up in front of our home. The children had just been laid down for naps and were quite excited to get back up to see everything. I thought Jasper would be excited to see this big rig, but Thomas said he was more excited about the picture of the piano on the side of the truck with wheels …made to look like a car.

The children climbed on dad  and watched in anticipation as it was unloaded and carted down the driveway.

Our porch is very narrow with a sharp 90 degree turn to get inside. I was very worried they would have a difficult time getting a 5″1″ square piano through the door. They seemed optimistic and said it should be EASY! Sure enough, they shimmied it in. I’m still surprised.

After unwrapping a ton of blankets off of it, they quickly assembled it and we had a wonderful piano SQUEEZED in our living room.

Before they left, the movers were kind enough to let the children check out the truck. Jasper was more than thrilled to crawl up in the back and also in the cab. They even let him blow the horn.

After a few minutes we told Jasper to tell them Thank you and get out. For once he didn’t scream, but simply signed Thank You and lept in our arms. What a perfect treat for him.

In total, they were at our house for 1.5 hours. And then they left.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Surprise – A New Piano Moved In

  1. I have very fond memories of many hours spent around a piano, singing and enjoying music with my family when I was a child. I hope your kids will grow up with the same kind of memories.

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