Tot School – Letter R

(Petra is 33 months, Jasper is 23 months)

If you would like to learn more about Tot School, GO HERE.

Another crazy week at work for me; so another slow week at tot school activities. I really wish it didn’t happen this way. But when I don’t get home until 6pm or later, there just isn’t time for me to do any tot school with the children. This of course doesn’t mean they don’t do anything all day, only that I wasn’t here to initiate it and take photos.

I gave Petra another letter assessment this week . She is doing great. The only two capital letters she didn’t get right was Y and Z – she had them confused. And she did better on the little letters as well. I wrote down the list for the nanny so that she would know and could focus on these letters with her as well during the different activities through the day. Today, Petra seemed to know Y and Z – so maybe it was just a fluke. OR she has learned them now.

She ASKED for her Kumon coloring book this week several times. Shocking! She is not a big colorer, but I think it may have been for the little maze exercise on the back of each coloring page. She has to draw a line from the dot to the star without touching any pictures on the page. This is what she is working on in the photo above. We usually do about two pages at a sitting, and that’s it.  I also bought her some oil pastels  and these are helping her do a better job with the coloring. They are thicker and bolder and she doesn’t have to work as hard at it. So I may just give her these to work with until she is a little older.

Jasper pulled out the fishing puzzle several times this  week. I’m guessing this will remain a twice a week activity for a while.

I tried to print off a R r poke page from Letter of the Week curriculum at Confession of a Homeschooler. If you have not bought this, it is fantastic! And its a great price. But our printer has stopped working. So instead I drew a R r in RED of course. Petra loved this, and I thought she would because I let her use a sharp toothpick. For some reason anything that looks dangerous is a FAVORITE at my house. Immediately she fell in love with this activity. SERIOUS concentration.She started like this….

And in a few minutes, she had settled right in and looked like this….

She probably would have worked on this for much longer if she had been in a room near me. But the only room with a rug is the nursery, and that wasn’t in sight of me. So within 5-10 minutes she was back downstairs clinging to me. She regularly tells me these days: “Don’t you ever leave me again.” But most days when I leave for work its not that big of a deal.

Other activities we did this week (but the batteries in the camera were dead):

  • Cutting playdough with butter knives. Oh, but I think it was too hot in the house. The playdough felt like it was melting. IS the melting point 77 degrees Fahrenheit?
  • Petra asked to read a book about counting coins. So after we read it, I gathered all the loose change in the house, put it in a bowl and had them work on putting it in a piggy bank. We will be doing more coin activities this week.

Hhm, not a lot of R activities this week. I guess I’ll have to work on that this week. I chose R since it is a letter in Petra’s name and I want to be sure she learns to write it soon. So I will have to be sure to do some tracing this week.


2 thoughts on “Tot School – Letter R

  1. We have the bug version of that fishing game in our tot baskets this week. My tot isn’t quite ready to actually hold the handle and let the magnet pick up the pieces; it’s hilarious to watch her try to manhandle the magnet part to the metal dots to get the bugs out 😉

    I hope your schedule calms down soon; sounds like you are having to spread yourself pretty thin right now!

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