Sewing Projects & PHOTOS

I’ve made the time to crank out a few products this past week in the sewing room. One of my main goals was to take THIS fabric….

And make a DRESS out of it for PETRA.

This is just the back of the dress. You can see more of the dress at THIS BLOG because the children went to a photoshoot yesterday with Shana Beiro. But since you can’t really see all of the dress with those photos posted. Here is one I took yesterday in the driveway several hours later, after we had a messy lunch, shopped at Costco, and arrived back home.

And this was a project gone south for Petra. The top was too small. So I finished up a pair of matching pants and plan on sending it to Jenn‘s baby girl  – Norah. Hopefully it will fit.

And I made some padded drawstring bags for camera lenses. And a padded shoulder strap. I also nearly finished a camera bag … but that ended up not quite right. So more of that to come later.


One thought on “Sewing Projects & PHOTOS

  1. They look great. Still waiting to be able to sew, but I have to have some time, space, oh yeah, and get my sewing machine back – I let someone borrow it and last I checked they were still in the process of using it. I was going to try and make the girls some of those quick dresses you made them (which they LOVE). Maybe someday!

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