Stepping up the Raw

Today we made a pretty unexpected purchase and made a new health goal. The story started something like this. Once upon a time, or earlier this week, my coworker, who knows I have been wanting a Blendtec blender for the past year tells me that Costco is selling them–but this week only. Desire immediately surges in me. I want one. But I don’t want to spend the money. I have wanting this blender for a year now and I have been putting it off. I was so surprised to hear it was at Costco, but didn’t really force the trip. We had been wanting to purchase it from Costco, but my coworker didn’t know this.

This morning, Thomas suggested we go to Costco. Yeah! I honestly thought I could look at it and walk away. But it is such a wonderful kitchen tool that it just wasn’t possible. In the time I was standing there, the demonstrator whipped upped several fabulous recipes. And me, the dear, and the children scarfed them all down. I love that it purees whole carrots into a smoothie – no reason to chop anything into smaller pieces! So not only did I walk away from there with the blender, but also we bought the larger jar with the 4″ blade, and we also had to purchase a Costco membership since we didn’t have one. After we paid the $50 for the membership, we could have bought the blender online at the same price. However, for some reason, when you buy the blender at Costco you get a 7 YEAR WARRANTY, rather than the standard 3 year warranty it comes with. You just can’t beat that.

So we came home and put it to work. I made a coffee frappuchino for afternoon snack.

Then tonight for dinner I made some fresh salsa to go on top of the spanish mackerel we had for dinner. And I also made some raw “parmesan cheese” – made from just 1/2 c raw pumpkins seeds, 2 T oregano, and 1/2 T salt. I was not sure how it would work at grinding up seeds without any liquid. But it did fabulous. I added the pumpkin seeds in about 4 seconds it was completely pureed into a powder. I soaked my raw broccoli in some hot water for about 1 minute, took it out, and topped it off with my new raw “parmesan cheese.” (photo of dinner at top of post)

Then after dinner, it was  time for dessert. In about 2 minutes I had a yummy chocolate shake made from – 12 oz coconut milk, 1/4 cup cocoa, 1/3 cup agave, and 3 cups ice. The children really enjoyed dessert.

And Petra and Thomas worked on balancing spoons on their noses!

So by bedtime we had made 4 dishes with the new kitchen toy. And we are looking forward to more.

This week, we will be drinking lots of green smoothies. And I mean lots. We will be eating only raw vegetables this week, we will keep eating meats and fruits, but all veggies and fruits will be raw, none cooked- this goal was not set by me, but by me dear.Its nice to have support for my goals. I’m looking forward to seeing how we feel after  a week. This will be the most raw Thomas has been, so he is looking forward to seeing if there is a change.

Its time for me to head over to Green Smoothie Girl and check out the recipes.


2 thoughts on “Stepping up the Raw

  1. hahaha..i did the same thing about 6 months ago..but w/ a Vitamix at Costco. i could not pass it up. i make smoothies but have been having some issues w/ greens lately. (yes you can be allergic to certain greens!!) but this summer made corn ‘chowder’, tomato soups and great salad dressings.

  2. The timing for this is awesome! So glad you were able to get the new blender you had wanted and it’s wonderful warranty! Looks like this week will be very yummy.

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