Friday Fitness Post

So, I can’t say I’m very thrilled about how this week has been going. I’m several days behind on burpees. I missed a day of Crossfit due to working late (past 12 am) and then having my daughter stroll down the steps at 5:45 am right before I walked out the door to head to the gym, and announcing – “I’m awake now.” (the child doesn’t sleep, but that’s another story). I had a horrible headache from working 16 hours the day before and had missed seeing my daughter – so it just seemed like the right time to stop. And so we did, together. So I missed my workout on Wednesday.

I have been much better about drinking water this week. I got a full 40 oz this morning before 8am. That always makes it easier the rest of the day.

Any my raw food intake hasn’t been the best … about 60% most days.

This morning I did NOT ENJOY our workout at CROSSFIT BLACKBOX. However, I did feel great after it was over. I love how you always feel so much better after working out. Today’s workout was:

50 jump and reach – jumping and hitting object 14 inches above arm’s length
40 air squats
30 situps on Abmat
20 pushups
10 pullups

My time was 25:18. I used a very small thin band for the pushups, and a wider band for the pullups because I still cannot do those unassisted.


2 thoughts on “Friday Fitness Post

  1. our homeschool co-op is offering cross fit. our co-op is on Fridays. I hope and pray that enough sign up for it!!! because I want to take it as a way of getting my feet wet. and I just pay for my son..and i can take it for free.

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