A Mother’s Calling – Post and plan ahead

A Mother's Calling

Due to the amount of thought that has to go into each of these posts, and the hopes that others will be able to plan according and join in. I decided to make these 2 week memes.  So you still have time to post on this week’s question!

Our current question is: Do you have traditions or family activities that you reserve for the Sabbath as a way to excite your children about the day and encourage a love of the Sabbath? You can read my post HERE. And so far two other moms have joined! So be sure to clink on the link at the bottom and read there posts also. I really appreciate that both mom’s that linked up emphasized teaching respect for the Sabbath.

And so that you have time to plan ahead, next week’s question is: How do you deal with your child’s fears, or how do you teach your child to deal with fear? This could be imaginitve fear (aka the monsters under the bed), a real fear as a result of somthing that has happened to the child, or maybe an innate fear–our daughter has always had a fear of dogs, and we aren’t sure why. Nothing has ever happended to her, and we have dogs, but since she was a baby she has been terrified of dogs.


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