Tot School

Tot school activities are not well planned these days because I’m working too much to do so. But it isn’t that big of a deal. I’m not planning activities around a certain theme or letter, but the children are still busy with activities, and there is still plenty to talk about and teach them. Both Thomas and I have really enjoyed the children lately. They seem like they are at a really good stage. This week, Thomas asked Petra why the chicken crossed the road. Her first response was “because he was burping.” She cracks me up. And then she said “because he was being bad.” Because we all know you don’t cross the road without holding an adult’s hand.

This week both the children CAUGHT the ball in a game of toss! Daddy stood at the bottom of the steps and tossed it up to them. Petra caught it numerous times, and Jasper caught it twice. I don’t know how they caught it, they had their eyes closed in almost all the photos of them catching the ball.

While I was in Pensacola early last week, I picked up some great wood puzzles at Tuesday Morning. They were about $4 a piece, instead of the retail price of about $12. Petra and Jasper both enjoyed them, and I think they also liked the fact that I brought something back for them. They both need more work at puzzles so this was a good week for that.

But the puzzle they most enjoyed was this fishing puzzle from Melissa and Doug. They played with this thing for a LONG time, and then again the next 2 days. If you watch the video of Petra doing burpees from the previous post, you will notice this is what Jasper is doing in the background.

They also broke out the letter caps and spent some time on the floor messing around with them. I was in the kitchen cleaning and would ask for them to find a letter.

We had a good week. Petra has shown a lot of improvement in numerous areas. She colored a Kumon coloring page nearly perfect – for the first time. And she also counted 3 ducks perfectly. It was nice to see her counting skills are improving. It seems like everything is starting to “click” in her head. I can’t wait to see how much she develops over the next few months.
Jasper is also doing great. He has started talking more and more…finally! He has started to try and count. He is doing better at saying more words. Yesterday he told us he wanted a hot dog – I was so surprised to hear him say “hot dog.”
I also bought all this gear at Target about 10 days ago – thinking we would have two foster children ages 3 and 4 that would need a little more advanced work. This includes 4 dry erase boards that have the lines on it for writing letters/words, several puzzles, several workbooks, and a dry/erase letter book. I may incorporate it soon, but not sure. If not, it will just stay around until I need it, it was all just a $1 each.


3 thoughts on “Tot School

  1. Hi there!

    Visiting you from Tot School! I love those puzzles you got and am going to see if there’s a store like that near me! And I saw your stash from Target. I just binged (I mean shopped) there last week and bought much of the same stuff!

    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. The photo of petra trying to catch the ball with her eyes squeezed close is just precious!

    I’ve been enjoying reading through your archives. As a mom of a child adopted from foster care (although our adoption took far longer than Jasper’s — nearly 3 years for the slow wheels of oregon DHS to turn), and as someone trying to take baby steps to rid our lives of processed foods (I’m ridiculously addicted to sugar and react much as you do I’m afraid), I can relate to so many of your posts. Thanks for sharing!

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