Crossfit in a hotel room

I’m still on the road and managed to get in my burpees for the 100 day BURPEE CHALLENGE and I also did a simple travel workout in my hotel room — INVISIBLE FRAN.

Invisible Fran is air squats and pushups – reps of 21-15-9. So right next to my bed, I did men’s pushups and really struggled and flew through the air squats. Push-ups is an area I’m trying to gain strength in and just to say that I was able to do it was an accomplishment. A few months ago I couldn’t do one pushup on my toes. It really is amazing to see how I am easily gaining the strength to do pushups and pullups. And still have a ways to go.

Monday morning I made it to my local Crossfit gym for HARD workout of the day. I was very unsuccessful with it, but just KEPT GOING. The workout was 5 ROUNDS of:

  • 200 M run
  • 20 Burpees
  • 20 Pullups

But you ONLY had 5  minutes to complete each round! If you didn’t finish the round then you just had to stop and start the new round when the time started again. I DID NOT COMPLETE a round. The first round was my best; I WAS SHY TWO PULLUPS from completion.


2 thoughts on “Crossfit in a hotel room

  1. Argh! omg another crossfitter! So good to hear you’re still on track – I’m going travelling and am scared I will totally fall off the bandwagon. I’m glad there are more people doing hotel-room push ups, thought I’d look like a nong!

  2. love reading your blog… haven’t started cross fit ….yet. going to maybe start w/ my special needs kiddo at a local gym. i need courage since both my son and i are ‘special needs’. they are equipt to deal w/ us.. but still. so i muster up courage reading your blog. (we are homeschoolers as well.)

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