Pensacola Visit & Gift Card for Tourists

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I’m in Pensacola, FL for two days to work on long-term economic development for this region after the oil spill. Its a beautiful city, and my first time here. And of course I’m missing the family. Even though I was all by myself in the hotel room, with no tots to disturb me, I still woke up a dozen times and was wide awake at 4:30 am. I came in town last night and was greeted with a small storm. But today the weather is beautiful and hot…. just as you would expect in Florida. After my morning meetings I had great lunch at the Fish House by the Pensacola Port and also headed over to Pensacola Beach. The beach was gorgeous, the waves were enormous today, and there was no sign of oil. Despite the lack of oil here, tourists have been completely scared away by the media and the beaches are empty. I was at a public beach access next to major hotels and there was only a handful of people on the beach.

If you are looking for a deal for a beach trip, check out Florida’s Gulf Coast beaches. Most of them have deals for visitors, thanks to BP.

DEAL ** Here in Pensacola if you visit a hotel, you can get $100 Visa gift card for each night you stay! If your hotel is less than $100 a night you can actually make money off this one. I’m currently staying in downtown Pensacola for $79/night plus taxes – the beach is about 10 minutes away.** DEAL My understanding this is only while money lasts, and travel must be completed by Sept. 15, 2010. SEE HERE FOR DETAILS.


2 thoughts on “Pensacola Visit & Gift Card for Tourists

  1. Great pictures! Would love to take them up on that deal, but pretty sure we won’t be able to do that before the 15th of September. Stephen starts back to work next week and school starts for him next week and the girls start at the end of the month. And not to mention the slew of birthdays we have between now and the end of October.

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