Tot School

(Petra – 32  months, Jasper – 22 months)

If you would like to learn more about Tot School, GO HERE.

It was a slow week for tot school. We are always busy and teaching the little ones – but not many planned activities this week. Mostly because I’m working 40 hours a week at the moment.

We have noticed a few things. Petra seems to be really growing and understanding more difficult concepts. I can’t remember everything she said or did, but in general her development is greatly increasing. She has been putting everything in rows this week. This morning, when her and Jasper were laying at opposite ends of the sofa she commented that they were in a straight line on the sofa. On Friday when I was passing another car she asked me if I was speeding. I never thought my two-year-old would call me out for speeding. On Tuesday last week my jaw just about dropped to the floor when I was washing the dishes after dinner and she came up and said “when you finish washing the dishes would you hold me please?” My baby girl that demanded constant holding at all times appears to be growing up.

Jasper started jabbering all the time. Saying more one syllable words. He was trying to feed dolls and stuffed animals this week – he would hold food up to their mouths and say “eat.” He is so happy all the time and walks around talking only about cars. I think he asks to watch the movie Cars about 20 times a day or more. He’s a little obsessed.


We have a bin of puzzles – all the pieces fall off the puzzles into the bottom of the bin. This week, Thomas laid out the puzzles on the floor – all of them – and put the bin on the floor. The children had to go pull a piece from the bin and find the correct puzzle it went with. I heard they did great and that Jasper really excelled at the number puzzle. I wish I had some photos of it. I’ll have to try it again sometime.


Petra likes to dress up and pretend to be Mary or maybe marry. I’m not really sure which. She usually covers her head – which makes me think she is pretending to be Mary (mother of Jesus). But then she likes to carry a bouquet so that makes me think she is talking about getting married. We haven’t been to a wedding, but she is interested more these days in the fact that her dad and mom are married.  In the picture above she was dancing and playing Mary/marry. Jasper covered his head this week with a blanket and she said – “look he’s Mary, no, he’s Joseph.” I was really surprised she understand the boy/girl difference.


We have really struggled lately with keeping the children in their beds – especially Petra. We don’t necessarily think Jasper is trying to be more obedient, just that he falls asleep quicker. But Petra likes to get up and say “What’s wrong with me?” or “I don’t want to go to sleep” or “I have to go potty.” She hasn’t been sleeping much at night – maybe 8-9 hours. She often jumps in the bed with Jasper and plays with his Scout dog and steals his pacifier, and well just plays. He is usually sound asleep by this time, completely unaware she is jumping around in his bed…until she takes the paci.  So this week we went and bought her the Leap Frog Violet dog – and it helped, but not much. At least now she has her own and their is no reason to get in Jasper’s bed to play with his. Nights are getting easier – some nights we only put her back once or twice – it was more than ten times in the past. We have cut back some on her naps, and putting her to bed earlier has helped. I know she understands she is suppose to stay in bed – Kacy babysat the children for us this weekend. And when I told Petra Kacy was coming and she needed to obey her – her response was “and stay in my bed tonight.” And she did, for Kacy, just not for us.


They love to read and paint.  And we are finally looking to get some bookshelves! I can’t wait to get their books put away.


I realized this week my children will be pro chefs by the time they are five years old. There isn’t a meal that I make that Petra isn’t standing by my side helping. She is there all the time standing on a chair at the counter. I can only count one meal in the last 2 weeks that I made where she wasn’t helping me. And Jasper is often there too…. and it can be tricky coming up with ideas to keep them both busy.

Letter G

We worked a little on letter G this week. We spent time talking and reading about grass, growing, goats, go, garage, good, generous, and other words. I’ll do more this week on it.


2 thoughts on “Tot School

  1. I’m glad to hear the bedtime issue is getting better. It always happens that way – they are always better for others then for you. Don’t know why, but that’s what they do. I have that same issue sometimes with the girls.

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