Still uncluttering

The saga continues and we are still uncluttering. I’m slowly learning as I get older that I really need less of everything. I would love to simplify my whole life. Clearing out our junk seems like the best place to start.

Yesterday we spent the morning clearing out our closets in our old room  (which is now the childrens’ room) and putting it in our new smaller room. I vowed to fit my two closets worth of stuff in one closet. I’ve really decided less clothes is better because it means less laundry. So my goal was to keep my favorite items that fit well, and everything else was tossed out. By noon we had piled up about 4 bags of clothes, hangers, and other stuff for Goodwill. And another 2-3 bags of trash. Its great to see it go.

We also cleared out about 40 books and set aside some for paper back swap and others for the used bookstore in town.

Now, I’m heading to the sewing room to declutter some more.


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