Foster Care Update

We received good news today. The 2 children we had been asked to take into our home (of a sibling group of 4) will be staying together with family! I am so pleased they won’t be separated from their family and will remain with their siblings.

We are under some pressure this month to get our annual licensing complete. We have to take 8 hrs of classes, have the fire extinguisher inspected, get the dogs vaccinated, have our home inspected by the Dept of Health, have a home inspection, and fill out some paperwork.


One thought on “Foster Care Update

  1. My husband and have been talking about fostering -to-adopt and are looking to find a class to learn more about it. Unfortunately, we don’t have any extra space/ bedrooms so we’re having to put it on hold at this point in our lives. I’m glad I found your blog… reading about another family doing so is so interesting.

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