Raw Wednesday

We broke our blender last night, again. This is the second one in 4 months.

There are a few appliances that you use regularly with a raw food diet: a food processor, juicer, dehydrator, and a blender. If you have just two of these appliances you will be off to a good start with eating raw and can gradually add the other appliances. I think most kitchens are probably stocked with at least 2 of these appliances.

What you don’t need is a microwave, toaster, toaster oven, pots, vegetable steamer, rice cooker, mixer, and many other common items. So if you think about it, eating raw will help you unclutter and organize your kitchen because fewer appliances are needed.

I’ve seen many of you making steps in this direction. Some of you have told me you are switching to one raw meal a day. Others are telling me that you are thinking of eating raw foods for your health. And I was thrilled when I received an email from my mother-in-law saying she is now the owner of a new juicer. I love my juicer – it’s an Omega masticating juicer.

But I digress.

Our blender broke again last night. And so we are thinking it’s time to bite the bullet and buy a heavy duty blender that can blend anything. I say bite the bullet because the blender we are considering purchasing costs $450!–much more than I care to spend on a kitchen appliance.

We spent $40 for our blender. If we go through 4 a year, which could easily happen at this rate, then we would spend $160 a year on blenders. So in order to save in the long run, our new, expensive blender would need to last at least 3 years. Here is where the Blendtec comes in. This handy blender has a 3 year warranty for the base, so I know it will at least last that long.

And the blender does more than just blend. It can be used to make not only green smoothies, but also raw soups, nut butters, ice cream, grind grains, and more. And if you are in the need of blending an ipod to shreds, golf balls or rake handle then you are also in luck – you can see the videos at Will It Blend? It can do all this because it has 1,560 watts of power, compared to the measly 400 watts of power my blender had.

…. On a different note, tonight I’m going to make these raw Zucchini Cocoa Cookies and I’m really looking forward to trying them. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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