Tot School – Letter F

(Petra’s foot – 32  months, Jasper’s hand – 22 months)

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We had a FUN and busy week working with big F and little f. The children learned about FROGS, FISH, FEET, FACES, FIREFLIES, FOOD, FRUIT and so much more. And I’m learning that they really don’t care what letter we are working on… and I’m starting to understand more and more why some parents wait until a child is 3 or 4 before doing letter of the week activities. However, with that being said I like the way how letter of the week activities focuses me on providing a variety of different activities for the children and it gets them focused on letter identification. On the last letter identification assessment, Petra was able to identify all but about three letters. These are the letters I’m more focused on learning and spending time on… then maybe I might think about switching to themed/book activities for tot school.

We spent time in the kitchen this week making FOOD. Well, we do this every week because they really enjoy it. But this week we set the children’s table with a FANCY table cloth and then laid out different FRUITS that we had in the house. We talked about the names and shapes of the fruits, colors, textures and more. Then I asked them about their favorite fruits, and asked them questions to have them identify fruits. A sample question might be: “what FRUIT is long, crescent shaped and yellow?  You have to peel this FRUIT to eat it.” To answer Petra would name the fruit, or Jasper would point to the correct fruit since he doesn’t talk much. For each question they answered correctly they were allowed a blueberry or grape. This turned into a great afternoon snack play time event.

After we identified and talked about the FRUIT, I had the children paint yellow FRUITS. So we painted star fruit, bananas, and lemons. Petra really enjoyed this painting exercise more than normal and wanted to do a good job at it. She was very proud of her artwork. She also decided she wanted to use some green paint, which made sense to me since most yellow fruit is green when it’s not ripe.

For “F” books, I pulled a few from what we have in the house to use. This week we read How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their FOOD? The children both really enjoy this book and hearing what the dinosaur doesn’t do.

We also had fun making FACES this week. We read the book Animal Faces by Akira Satoh and I was really amazed at how different animals look even though they are the same species. We talked about eyes, ears, mouths, noses, and other FACIAL FEATURES.

And then we made some very simple faces using construction paper and glue. Petra wanted her face to have a sad face.

We also spent some time painting with our FEET and hands this week! And just as a warning to everyone who may want to try this, it was very slippery. At first the children were a little shocked that I had given them the go ahead to climb in the paint, so to speak. But it wasn’t long before they were enjoying themselves. I had pondering doing this outside, but was worried about dirt sticking to their feet and artwork. And finally thought that maybe a drop cloth indoors might work best … and then it rained so nature decided for me. It was really nice to have it indoors – with the sink just a few steps away. And I threatened them sufficiently to keep them on the drop cloth and off of everything else in the room. Both the children painted several pictures with their FEET and hands.

We also read The FOOT Book. Petra immediately point out that the title has “2 T’s” and then identified that both Foot and Book have “2 O’s”. So as we read through this book I had her indentify the word FOOT and the word FEET.

In order to spice up their new room, and because they are really digging photos, I picked up a FROG and FISH photo FRAME for them to paint and color.

We also had other FUN activities this week:

Petra received a new baby doll that once was a beloved doll of Kacy’s – our favorite teenage friend.  And Petra has been loving on the baby for several days now.

Jasper also had a good time playing with the Little People FARM.

And to get some outdoor activities, we headed outside for some FUN with puddles after a downpour. And Jasper got quite dirty playing in the puddles. We also had them identify the letter “F” on the manhole cover.

Oh, and I can’t forget the FLARP I brought home. This silly goo kept them busy for 20 minutes, although their hands aren’t big enough to make noises with the FLARP.


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