Fit Mommy Friday

I’m feeling 110% better this week. I’m much happier with my diet and feeling so much better. I didn’t stick to all my goals this week – I’ll answer each goal one-by-one so you can see how I did. But the change in how I feel is a complete turnaround. I’m so much happier when I eat more raw foods. Plus the doctor gave me an fast antibiotic that zapped all the sickness right out of me.

Here are my Fit Mommy goals with how I did this week:

Rest each night for at least 8 hours, hopefully undisturbed by the little tots. And even more importantly rest this week as needed to recover from my variety of ailments.

I miserably failed at this goal. One night I only had 2 hours of undisturbed sleep and 2 hours of tot disturbed sleep – for a whopping total of 4 hours. But if you count the nap I took that day then I had another 2 hours of sleep. The lesson here is that if I take naps, then I can’t sleep at night.  Most night I had about 6-7 hours which works fine for me. I might be one of those people who doesn’t need 8 hours, although I wouldn’t complain if I got it.

Daily Quiet Time and Prayer: I cannot be physically healthy without spiritual health. My goal is to spend at least 15 minutes each day reading the Bible and praying.

Check. This is an easier one for me. Usually I start reading the Bible and find it so interesting I can’t stop. I didn’t get this in at the same time every day, but I did do it.

Drink more water: This is an area I really struggle. I’m going to start by trying to drink 40 oz of water each day. I know I have water intake from smoothies and juices, so this goal will just be for straight-up water consumption.

I’m absolutely positive I did not drink this much water. Most days I forgot to even try. I’m sure I had a glass for dinner, and some while working out. Umm, that might be it. Pretty sad.

Eat 90% raw each day: I love the way eating raw makes me feel. I love the effects on my weight, my complexion, and my energy levels. I just started a 30 day raw challenge for myself. After 30 days, I may want to reevaluate where I am, but for now my goal is 90% raw each day.

I ate 90% raw 5 days this week. The other 2 days I ate about 70% raw. So I have room for improvement. I did absolutely love the food this week. And I really enjoyed all the raw desserts I made this week. I did eat some meat this week including venison, bison and salmon. I just couldn’t pass them up. But they were at least lean and healthy meats.

Crossfit 3 times a week: I love my local Crossfit. I love that they have an exercise plan set out for me each day. I love how challenging it is. I love that I always feels so great afterwards and know that I really accomplished something. I love that I’m getting stronger and leaner.

Check. Loved crossfit this week. I did get some easier days which I was very thankful for. Today I squat thrusted 85 lbs which I’m pretty happy about. And I also ran 3x400s. The first 400 timed was my best at 1:42. When I was young I could run a 400 in 55 seconds so I should be able to drastically improve this time with some more practice and time. Looking back I don’t know how I did it in 55 seconds. Today’s time just about killed me.

I also started a 100 day burpee challenge today! You do just 1 burpee today, 2 tomorrow, and increase it by one each day until you get to 100. If you aren’t sure how to do a burpee, check out this website for pictures and instructions.

Exercise 1 time a week at home: Squeeze in either a travel workout or other workout from my house.

I need to plan this one better. I didn’t squeeze in another workout unless you want to count the measly 30 air squats and 10 pushups I did in the kitchen while fixing breakfast yesterday.

Other personal goals: Here are two other goals that I hope I can meet soon. Complete a Crossfit workout prescribed (which is where you complete the entire workout at the prescribed weight or activity level…so no scaling to make it easier), and complete 10 men’s pushup without stopping.

Still working on these goals.

Oh, and I wanted to mention my weightloss. Two days after starting back raw, so Saturday morning, I had dropped 5 lbs. I’ve stayed at this weight the rest of the week.


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