Weekend Rompus

Do you have a large bedroom? Do you need it? What purpose does your bedroom serve? Am I the only person in this world that doesn’t see the need of having a whole entire bedroom to myself?

This may come as a surprise to most people, but my dear husband and I have not used our bedroom to sleep in for 9 months. Instead, we pull out his “favorite” mattress and usually sleep on the living room floor each night. I have found that I actually preferred it. In the winter it was quite romantic to sleep in front of the fireplace each night. The only thing I have needed my room for in the last nine months is as a storage closet for all my clothes. I have too many. I know this because I always have too much laundry!

My quandary over the last year has been to figure out exactly what I need a bedroom for. Did I need a bedroom for privacy? Did I need a bedroom to sleep in? Did I need a bedroom just for storage? And how could I best use the space in my house. We obviously are not maximizing the best use of space in our house if all I was doing with the largest bedroom was using it to store some clothes in. But I couldn’t figure out what to do about it. And still I’m not sure we have the right answer.

We decided on a plan. The children were getting bigger; Jasper needed a big bed. So this past weekend the children had a lot of fun romping around the house. On Saturday Thomas took apart beds, taking down our four-poster king size bed and moving a set of bunk beds into the room. We have left the bunk beds unbunked – and now both of our children have big beds! This has been so exciting for them both. And I painted the room a lighter shade.

All our rooms are approximately the same, but the room we had been using is just a couple feet bigger. This now gives the children a bigger room, with more closet space and hopefully a place to put their toys that I know are coming this birthday season and Christmas. And the nursery will stay a baby room, and for now all the baby stuff will be stored in there. Which is a large part of our storage problem. (the other part of our storage problem is the number of books we have…)

Sunday was our last day with the mattress on the living room floor. It has since been moved into the room where the bunk beds were originally – a smaller room – which I decided makes more sense for us since all we do is crash each night. Before we moved it, we squeezed in an afternoon of fun. Petra took a nap with us on it. And then the children had a jumping fest – jumping off the sofas and onto the mattress. I promise you there is no crying in any of these photos – and surprisingly no one was hurt. It was all fun and laughter.

(also in the picture is the pillowcase dress I made Petra this week, and the bed quilt I’m in the process of finishing for her)

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