Raw Wednesday

I wanted to share a few simple raw dishes I made this week. Not nearly as simple as grabbing a piece of fruit, but still nothing that makes you spend hours in the kitchen. In fact, most raw food is fairly simple because there is no cooking involved. But prepping fruits and veggies can take a while if you aren’t used to chopping, and you need a food processor, blender, and dehydrator for most of it.

This week I made these Key Lime Kream Bars by Ani Phyo. I have her dessert cookbook so I’m trying to go through it and make at least one recipe a week. I’m not crazy about these. They lack the flavor I desire in a dessert. But I do love this slightly sweet, creamy dessert with some decaf coffee in the morning!

Another dessert recipe that I loved out of Ani Phyo’s book is this one for chocolate bark. This recipe was super easy, and everything I needed I keep on hand on a regular basis. All it calls for is coconut oil, cocoa, nuts, and raisins! And it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare, and you just stick it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. So, I’ve been munching on this stuff nonstop.

Not nearly as exciting as chocolate is the broccoli salad I made. This recipe for mango & avocado salad from Rawmazing was amazing. I LOVED it! However, not everyone I know who had it loved it – a lot of this had to do with the person not liking a certain food in the salad. But if you like everything here, then this is a great combo.

And this last photo is just to give you an idea of the raw meals I eat. This one I shared with my hubby and children. They had lean meat as well. In the photo below is little cucumber sandwiches with a sun-dried tomato pate, a green salad, and red grapes. Very simple.


One thought on “Raw Wednesday

  1. I wouldn’t have liked the key lime bars either, but that’s because I don’t like Key Lime Pie. That chocolate bark looks yummy (minus raisins). I liked the picture of your meal. That looked so cute. (And as I type this Stephen is pureeing mangoes for us to make into ice cubes for our green smoothies in the mornings.) 🙂

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