Readings with the Children

Our two year old loudly exclaimed, “I want to read my favorite book, Olivia.”  The words rang out loudly in my ear, and while I’m not excited about the choice, I am very excited that she loves books enough to have a favorite now. She has very few favorites. Her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is strawberries, and now her favorite book is Olivia (or more explicitly Olivia and the Missing Toy). And that is where her “favorites” end. (I’m sensing a pink and red theme here)

It’s been a few weeks since our last reading update. I have been thinking about doing these updates every two weeks, but now I’m wondering if my memory is good enough to wait so long between posts.

We have been reading far less lately that I would like. I am still trying to squeeze in a chapter a day for my personal reading, but at that rate I might finish my current book by the end of the month.  With the children we are getting in many books a day, but not my goal of 15 a day. Probably more like half that. Although it’s hard for me to know exactly how many because I don’t quiz the nanny each day with questions on how many books they read – part of the problems of being a working mom.

The children definitely have days where they really want to read, and other days they aren’t as interested. They will always gladly sit down for 5-8 books on any occasion, but some days they want 20 books or more in one sitting. And Jasper is at a stage where he is trying to dominate every situation by either acting silly, jumping up and down, or just laughing loudly…and that’s another story…he thinks he’s funny.

Here are some of our favorite books we have been reading lately:

Olivia and the Missing Toy – I already mentioned this is Petra’s favorite book! While I’m not overly excited about Olivia’s behavior in the book, or the father’s behavior, it is still a cute book. Petra really likes the page with the dog’s scary shadow. And then to see that the dog is friendly – it might just be a good lesson for her since she is terrified of dogs on many occasions.


Feed Matisse’s Fish – A favorite touch and feel book for us that features famous artwork. The children have always loved the phrase “tick tock, 8 o’clock it’s time to …” that starts each page. This was a gift from an aunt (for Petra’s adoption) that just picks the most awesome books for the children.

Green Start : The Five Senses – Another great gift from the same aunt (for Jasper’s adoption). This book has precious artwork and a simple message about enjoying our surroundings through our five senses.  This book is made of 98% recycled materials and also with eco-friendly inks. The last page has advices for parents in regards to conservation – but honestly it’s been so long since I read this page I couldn’t tell you what it says.

 Happy Birthday Moon – A sweet, simple story of Little Bear having a conversation with the moon and buying him a birthday present.  I don’t know what it is about Little Bear, but I love to read this book and see Little Bear pick the perfect present out for the moon. It displays a very innocent, caring attitude that I hope my children will learn.


In Tallahassee, we are fortunate enough to have a local Goodwill bookstore that features a thousand or more used children’s books to choose from. You can’t beat the prices and selection. And to top it off on Monday’s they have a sale of 33% off everything in the store. I absolutely love this store. And I almost always find a book or two that I’ve wanted to get them. As a result, we have a ton of children’s books in our home. Recently I went in and found another Little Bear book – Moongame – that I can’t wait to read with the children. And I also found a stack of Olivia books. I narrowed the selection down to just one and brought home:

Olivia Saves the Circus – I love that this book starts off so nonchalantly and ends in the same fashion.  In between Olivia tells her class about her “trip” to the circus where all the circus folks are out with ear infections and she has to do everything herself. She saves the circus by being the tattooed lady, tightrope walker, trapezist, unicyclist, lion tamer, and well you get the point. This is now another favorite of Petra’s.



2 thoughts on “Readings with the Children

  1. Thank you for joining WMCIR! It’s really neat that you have access to a great source of affordable children’s books. A lot of books you listed are our favorites too, and I want to look for the Matisse Fish. Maybe I am lucky, and our library has it.

  2. That bookstore is AWESOME!! Glad she has a favorite. I don’t much like Olivia either and thee girls love to watch her episodes, but I limit them due to her attitude.

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