Fit Mommy Friday

It was before the misery set in that I decided to write a Fit Friday post for the first time. And so here it is, the day I had decided to let the whole world know my fitness goals, and instead I feel like I should be curled up in bed recovering from the sicknesses and pollution in my body. Yes, that’s right, I’m sick. I honestly feel like a big rig has rolled right over top of me.

My throat feels like a furnace and is so swollen I wasn’t able to drink all of my green smoothie this morning. My abdomen hurts and is still recovering from the miscarriage. I went to the doctor today and found out I have a urinary tract infection – my first ever and hopefully last.  And I also learned I don’t have strep. My burning, swollen throat is most likely the product of me, as my husband so bluntly put it, poisoning my body with all the crap I ate in the last week. Thus my new 30 day raw challenge. For some reason when I eat crap – grains, dairy, sugar – my body seems to detox by forcing it all out of glands in my throat area. But that’s another story…

Fit Mommy Friday is post started by Got Chai? that helps us on the blog world stay accountable to our fitness goals. She provides a way to link up so we can all share in our woes or hopefully more often our successes.

One of the requirements of the post is to layout some fitness goals that you will try to meet – these could be focused around exercise, strength, nutrition, and other areas.

So without further ado, here are my Fit Mommy goals:

Rest each night for at least 8 hours, hopefully undisturbed by the little tots. And even more importantly rest this week as needed to recover from my variety of ailments.

Daily Quiet Time and Prayer: I cannot be physically healthy without spiritual health. My goal is to spend at least 15 minutes each day reading the Bible and praying.

Drink more water: This is an area I really struggle. I’m going to start by trying to drink 40 oz of water each day. I know I have water intake from smoothies and juices, so this goal will just be for straight-up water consumption.

Eat 90% raw each day: I love the way eating raw makes me feel. I love the effects on my weight, my complexion, and my energy levels. I just started a 30 day raw challenge for myself. After 30 days, I may want to reevaluate where I am, but for now my goal is 90% raw each day.

Crossfit 3 times a week: I love my local Crossfit. I love that they have an exercise plan set out for me each day. I love how challenging it is. I love that I always feels so great afterwards and know that I really accomplished something. I love that I’m getting stronger and leaner.

Exercise 1 time a week at home: Squeeze in either a travel workout or other workout from my house.

Other personal goals: Here are two other goals that I hope I can meet soon. Complete a Crossfit workout prescribed (which is where you complete the entire workout at the prescribed weight or activity level…so no scaling to make it easier), and complete 10 men’s pushup without stopping.


4 thoughts on “Fit Mommy Friday

  1. Welcome to Fit Mommy, Sherri! It’s so great to have you on board with us! 🙂

    You know, when I did the raw food thing a few years ago, I felt AMAZING! My mind was sharper, my skin looked fabulous, and the pounds seemed to just melt off with very little effort. (Hmm…I should probably get back into it! Duh….) When I did that in combination with my workouts, I lost 4 sizes in less than 3 months. It was incredible!

    And speaking of incredible, I checked out your links to Crossfit…OH MY!! Those workouts and the idea behind their training techniques are right up my alley! I can’t wait for you to post your progress with this. I have to check to see if there’s a Crossfit in my area! 😉

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. See you next week!

    1. WOW! I hope I have results that amazing. It’s funny how you have such great results with something and then just forget about it. Just in the last 2-3 days of eating raw I have felt 100% better. When I did raw in the spring for two months I lost 20lbs (wasn’t exercising at all and felt fabulous). I hope to see another 20lbs drop off now with the exercise added in. I can already tell I’m feeling better with the food change.

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