Buying Bulk Nuts – COUPON CODE

Yeah! A Coupon for raw food!

Let’s face it nuts can be expensive. Since we have started eating more raw nuts, in raw dishes and making nut milks, we decided ordering them bulk made more sense. After some research I found the best prices at ANUTS.Their prices have gone up slightly in the last few months, but they are still great. And the nuts we received from them were incredible. My dear husband and I were both amazed at the flavor in the almonds. There are shipping costs so we had to order quite a bit to make it worth it. Our first order included something like 20# of almonds, along with 10# sunflower seeds, and walnuts, cashews and other nuts.

Its time for us to place a new order, and just in time we received a coupon code!

Get 5% off your next order of $40 or more. Promo Code DSCG60

Good on orders placed by August 15, 2010.


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