Happy Adoption Anniversary, Jasper!

Jasper on his adoption day.

It seems a fitting time to post about our son Jasper because this week marks our 1 year anniversary of Jasper’s adoption! The year has flown by and I cannot believe how much he has grown and changed. He is becoming such a sweet and caring little boy. He really wants to please us and he also does a great job sharing with his big sister. And he has excellent motor skills that are months ahead of where the mile markers say he should be.

This is how his story began.

In December 2008 I received a phone call asking us to take a 2.5 month old boy into foster care just 1 day before we were leaving to head to NC for the Christmas holidays. We were told the mother was already considering giving him up for adoption. I wasn’t sure what Thomas would say – Petra had just celebrated her 1st birthday party just a few weeks before this. So I made the call to my husband, and spent 2-3 minutes just prepping him before I landed the news on him. I was so sure I was going to need to persuade him. And I didn’t. He was more ready than I ever expected. And it was then that he told me he had spent the last week or two praying for a son.

When the caseworker brought him to our house, Thomas whisked him away. During the first 3o minutes of his life with us, Thomas held him close while I unloaded everything that came with him. In fact Thomas could not put him down. The next day we headed to NC with our new bundle of joy and surprised the rest of the family.  

My husband’s prayers were answered in a big way. Jasper’s biological mother was a very sweet young lady and she had spent years in foster care and didn’t want him to repeat it. She broke the cycle and gave him to us to adopt.

On July 23, 2009 Jasper’s adoption was finalized in front of a judge when he was 9 months old. And finally my heart had a chance to rest, knowing that both of our children were safely adopted and not going anywhere.

Jasper has been an absolute joy to parent! We have had to learn his likes and dislikes – and we were absolutely amazed at how a baby so young could be so opinionated.  He was our serious child. Everywhere he went he would just stare at the people around us and they would say, “oh, he’s so serious.” He looked at us for several months like we were complete strangers – and we were. He was whining and saying “mama” at just 4 months old. Around 6 months old he would shake his head with fury to say “no.” We did struggle. I struggled trying to get him to sleep at night, the eczema was horrible. I struggled to feed him baby food, he would scream nonstop – and I finally gave up. We struggled to find the best way to discipline him because he refused to sit in time out and spankings made him furious. Then … I found the solution to his sleeping – washing his sheets in baking soda or another homemade wash. And I found the solution to feeding him – waiting until he could pick up food on his own and feed himself (he went directly to bite-sized people food @ approx 7 mons). And we found the best way to discipline him – taking him to his room and talking to him, or leaving him there is necessary in time-out.  And that is how our life continues…finding what works best with each of our children.

Today, Jasper is an incredible child. We love him dearly. He is so easy most of the time. And we’ve learned his triggers over the last year, and we try to avoid them whenever possible or cope with them as needed. He is very independent and loves to play and climb on things. He loves gymnastics and is very strong. He is not scared of anything.  He is quite happy wandering around the house playing on his own. He LOVES cars, trucks and tractors. He doesn’t need constant attention or the limelight, but wants steady and unconditional love. He is unselfish and would share his right arm with his sister. He says only a dozen words, but understands everything we say, can follow 2-3 step directions, and can identify nearly all his letters and say his letter sounds. He is very bright. And now he loves to smile, laugh, and be silly.

Today Jasper is 1 year, 9 months, 3 weeks and 2 days old. And we love him dearly and we feel so blessed because God brought him into our lives.

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