The Tallahassee Museum

I’m always wary about buying annual passes, or spending too much on one thing I’m not sure we are going to use. But our annual family pass to the Tallahassee Museum has been wonderful. The museum offers a small natural habitat zoo, a farm area with animals, many picnic tables, a large playground, a cafe, and a small discovery zone. And on some days, the museum has actors at many of the historical buildings. And the staff and volunteers have always been very helpful. The first time we went we saw a solid white skunk being walked on a leash! This weekend we saw a volunteer brushing a rabbit. In both of those instances the staff have been very willing to talk to and explain their activities to the children.

There are the downsides though. The museum is small and rarely has more than one of each animal. And it seems like every time we go many of the animals are sleeping and can barely be seen, if at all.

But overall, it is a great place to spend a few hours. And it was very much worth the $60 we paid for an annual pass.  We’ve been trying to visit about once a month. And sometimes the children go more often with the nanny. This weekend I finally remembered to take my camera along…and we took our friends. Kelly also posted about the Tallahassee Museum – you can see what she thought about the Cypress trees and other things by visiting her blog Walking Home.

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2 thoughts on “The Tallahassee Museum

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your day. I would have much rather been with you visiting the animals than on the field exercising, but I know you have to fit that in also. It looked like a fun day for everyone!

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