Tot School – Letter B

(Petra is 31 months & Jasper is 21 months)

We started this week at the beach, so it seemd the perfect time to tackle Letter B.  I’ve decided that spreading out a letter across two weeks works better for us  – in doing so we can focus on many other activities as well and review letters we have done in previous weeks.

This week Petra and Jasper did some Kumon coloring and mazes. I was really excited to see how well Petra is doing on the mazes.

The children colored a Letter B doodle coloring page that you can find online at Chaos Appreciation. Look at the balloon in the photo below — this is the first time I have seen Petra color a specific item so carefully. She usually ignores all lines and directions on a coloring page, but she tried very hard on this balloon. I’m thinking those Kumon coloring pages are paying off. I made sure to praise her for her awesome work.

This week I ordered the “Letter of the Week” curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler and I am so happy I did. At just $10 you can’t beat the price for what you get. I was completely shocked when I opened the folder for letter B and there was probably 20-30 activities that could be printed off and used with your preschooler. In total there are more than 1500 printable activities to use with your child. Some of them are much too advanced for  1-2 year old children, some are perfect for Petra, and some even Jasper is capable of doing. Here is a picture of Jasper doing the bottlecap matching worksheet. He flew through this quickly with surprising focus.

Petra practiced writing both big B and little b. She had a difficult time making her little bump go the right direction. She kept wanting to draw the bump counterclockwise — maybe because of the letter c. And I thought Big B would be easy because she has been writing the Letter P for so long, but she didn’t seem to want to write it. So we mainly worked on little b.

And then we talked about the differences in how big B, big P, and big D are written.

Jasper enjoyed playing with these magnetic little alphabet letters. He shuffled them around and then I sat down with him to play a game of find the letter. He did fantastic and really loved showing off how good he is at identifying letters.

We talked some and looked at these photos of the bees we visited a few weeks ago. The children are really into looking at pictures of things we have done and family members. So we sat down several times this week to just look at photos.

Jasper and Petra also played with bubbles outside and the nanny took them to the Tallahassee Museum to see the bear and other animals. And I didn’t get any pictures of the puzzles we worked on.

And the last B activity that I remember doing this week is with BAGS. After a grocery store visit, these bags were hanging around and Jasper thought it was amazing fun to run over them…because it made interesting and fun noises. He also probably loved that it was dangerous and slippery. Thankfully he did not fall and after about 5 minutes of 100% supervised play I picked them up.

I’m excited that we have another week of letter B activities! I’m looking forward to the  challenge to see what I can come up with to make this interesting and fun.

If you would like to learn more about Tot School, GO HERE.


3 thoughts on “Tot School – Letter B

  1. Hello! I have a 34 month old, as well, and we just started doing “letter of the week” activities about 3 weeks ago. As we started this week….I realized, like you, that one week just doesn’t seem to be enough for her. So for now….I am going to spread the letters out for 2 weeks and add in some review.

    I also bought the Confessions of a Homeschooler curriculum this week and LOVE it. Couldn’t believe it was just $10!

    I enjoyed reading about your week and all of the activities!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’ll be sure to following along with your letter of the week activities. Your children are absolutely precious!
      I have to agree about the Confessions of a Homeschooler curriculum… what a GREAT BUY. I can’t beleive I even paused before buying it.

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