Before and After – Success Stories

If you are just starting out on a journey to get in better health, or if you are struggling to maintain a sensible diet and exercise program you may find these before and after stories inspiring. For those of you who read this blog, you know I am a strong supporter of a paleo diet that is high in raw fruits and veggies. This basically means you eat fruits, veggies and lean meats; and avoid dairy, grains, and legumes. Most paleo sites you may find online suggest a paleo diet  high in cooked food, but I personally think all of us need to be eating more raw foods. For our family, eating a high raw diet with lean meats is a nice blend for both of us to get the nutrition we need. And both my husband and I are loving Crossfit.

So take a moment and get inspired.

One of my favorite online stories and photos are those of Sarah Fragnoso, a busy wife and mom of three boys, and the author of the blog Everyday Paleo. In just 7 months she made a complete tranformation on paleo diet and with crossfit – photos are HERE. I beleive I read somewhere that she dropped from a size 12 or 14 to a size 2.

And Crossfit Central  has some inspiring success stories that will help get you motivated. Its nice to see some great results with middle-aged folks. Its never too late to start.

And even if you are on the brink of death,  you may still have time to see amazing results. There is this story of Dave the raw food trucker who has lost more than 200 lbs in 18 months by changing to a 100% raw food lifestyle! Along the way he also saw a miracously healing from cancer and other diseases. Check out some of his story HERE.


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