Family Fitness

Finding ways to stay active can be difficult. And finding ways to stay active as a family can be more difficult, especially when there are jobs, housework, yardwork, and other activities to keep you busy. Yesterday, we decided to take the children to the gym with us. Because of the holiday weekend we hadn’t been able to get in all our days of workouts yet – we try to go to Crossfit Blackbox three times a week.  And we thought it would be good for the children to see where we workout because Petra thinks we go to the Tallahassee Museum (a small zoo) to exercise. And its always a good idea to role model behavior for them.

The plan was for me to workout in the 9-10 class and then Thomas would workout in the 10-11am class. Obviously the children are way too small to workout in the gym with us, but they did get in plenty of exercise while they were there with us. The parking lot stays rather empty so they were able to run around, practice jumping rope, and we made some games for them.

Here is Jasper trying out hopscotch for the first time. He did a great job jumping from one box to the next.

I drew some shapes in the parking lot and had the children run or jump to the shapes as I called them out.

One of the trainers hooked them up with this rope for some tug and balance work.

And there was play too. Jasper pretended to mark off a running distance for us all.

And it wouldn’t be Crossfit without tires. They couldn’t flip them, but they could hide in them. You can see Jasper’s legs and Petra’s hair in this photo.

And there was a little pouting too.

Thomas and I were able to get in our workouts as well.

The workout of the day was:

20 push jerks – from back to overhead

40 burpees – which I converted to more of a mountain climber (due to pregnancy)


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