Tot School – Letter E (take 2)

This was our second week working with the letter E — and since it fell on the week of the holiday we were only able to fit in about about 3 days of tot school this week. But there was plenty of time to wrap up our letter E activities.

This week Petra is 31 months and Jasper is now 21 months!

We did some more letter E tracing. By the week’s end she got really good at writing her little “e”.

I made an egg game for Petra. Each egg had a capital or lower case letter underneath. The top row had the capital letters arranged alphabetically and the bottom row had the lower case letters.  I also made some litte cards with a letter that would match those on the eggs. She had to draw a card and find the matching egg. She enoyed the game, but she didn’t grasp that they were in order alphabetically.

The worked on the E coloring page that you can find online at Chaos Appreciation.

We also did some pattern work for the first time. Petra picked it up much easier than I expected and easily knew which color came next. And Jasper came over to wreck all our work.

They did some free painting. Petra was learning to paint the sun.


For more on Tot School GO HERE.


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