Assessing your Preschooler

About once every year or 18 months, Jasper is tested as part of a national longitudinal study. The last time was just about two months ago and since then both my children want to be tested and regularly ask for it. I think this mainly stems from the test lady having a great bag of toys. So whenever I tell Petra that I’m going to test her she gets quite excited… until she realizes I just have a peice of paper in my hand. I guess I need a bag.

This week I was excited to find preschool assessment tools on Carissa’s blog at 1+1+1=1. You can find the link on this page. The test varies and includes  some basic tracing, cutting, counting, and letter recognition.

I know Petra knows all her letter sounds. In fact, Jasper can do almost all his letter sounds – about 21-22 of them. But I wasn’t sure where Petra was on her letter recognition.

So I tested her. And oh, it was not fun. The girl is great when she can be a passive learner. She loves to have things told to her, she loves for you to read books to her. But this required thinking, and she would rather be silly and play. She lacks some focus. You can see her mind wandering. But the results were great. Much better than I expected. She got 24/26 upper case letters correct and 21/26 lower case letters correct. I was very pleased with this.

The test results will provide direction for me for future weeks of tot schools. I now know which letters I need to focus on first. So my plan is to focus first on those letters she doesn’t know, as well as those letters in her name. I hope to have her writing her name before long. She can already write a P, E, and T. Teaching her R and A should be fairly simple addition. And I also know that increasing her work with letters will just make the recognition part easier in the future – so that maybe she won’t have to think so hard.

If you are interested in seeing how your child is doing in other development areas, check out this online development tracker at PBS kids – here.


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