Our Favorite Christian Toddler Books

I decided to join in with other blogs and friends and post a weekly reading list. I absolutely love some of the books I have found for our children. And others, even some that are popular, I completely dislike. We have a fairly large number of books around our house – between my husband who is an voracious reader and the children’s books we can’t keep enough bookshelves.

My goal is to read at least 15 books to the children every day. Some days we go over that goal, and other days we don’t meet it. But at the end of a year I know that if I ususally read about 15 books a day with the children that ends up being over 5,000 books a year. Most of these books are ones we own, but I’m trying to mix it up some with books we bring home from the library as well.

Last summer I posted this blog entry of 15 of the best baby and toddler books. I could certainly update this list now, and may decide to do so in the near future. But for now, I thought I would share some of our favorite Christian books for our children that we use on a daily basis.

With short stories and entertaining sentences, my favorite toddler Bible is The First Step Bible by Mack Thomas. Both of our children enjoy these Bible stories. Some of the bible books I’ve seen for toddlers are too simple – this one seems just right.


Another fantastic storybook Bible for children is The Jesus Storybook Bible. This book is absolutely fantastic, very well written, and interesting even to adults. After your toddlers outgrows the The First Step Bible this book is a must have. I would say it would be best for children ages 3-8.


Designed by God So I Must Be Special was a given to Petra. She loves the book and I love how it goes through each of the senses that we have and how we use them to enjoy blessings around us. But I most love how it also talks about our heart and spirit.

This book has absolutely fantastic moral lessons for your child. I highly recommend keeping a copy of  Big Thoughts for Little People by Kenneth N Taylor in your personal library. I love, love this book and so do the children. It is an alphabet book, with each letter focusing on a new lesson. I’ve mentioned before Petra loves the C page for crying. This page talks about how its OK to cry if you are really hurt, but if you are not really hurt then smiling can also help you feel better. This week when Petra was upset about something she reminded herself and me that we should smile.

If you are interested in learning more about weekly readings, or seeing what other families are reading you can learn more by clicking the box below.


One thought on “Our Favorite Christian Toddler Books

  1. Love your post! Been searching online for a while for good toddler books. Some of the popular ones I don’t like either.
    I found that some titles from less known authors are better. The ones we like are Caterpillar’s Dream by Roitman and Ellie Sanchelly go fly a kite! by McCarthy

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