Tot School – Letter E (week 1)

Current ages – Jasper is 20 months, Petra is 31 months.

We had a slow week for tot school this last week. Jasper was not the least bit interested in doing much of anything, instead he wanted to play with his trucks and climb on things. I was really surprised to see how uninterested he was and I’m beginning to realize I need to focus him differently for tot activities … more to come.

Petra was eager to do activities- more than I had planned. But I was too tired some days to do much of anything once I got home from work – I’m sure its because of first trimester fatigue.

As a result, we will be working on Letter E for two weeks, along with our other tot school activities.

I was really excited about an egg activity this week. One of the ideas we had was to do a memory game with Easter eggs in a carton. I wrote capital letters and lower case letters on the bottom of the eggs and tried to get the children to focus on either 1) matching the capital letter with the lower case letter or 2)keeping them in alphabetical order and figuring out which egg was which. Neither game worked. They are too young still.

But here are some of the activities we did:

Circle the Letter E or e

Work on putting the barrette clips on the container … they weren’t able to squeeze these though. I’ve been looking for easy clothespins and can’t find any!

Coloring in her Kumon coloring book and also Kumon mazes.

Matching capital and lower case letters on the chalkboard. She actually drew the line here down to the little c – she just went through the e to get to it. Later in the week I focused on teaching her not to cross over other letters.

This one really cracked me up. This is a Match It! puzzle for upper and lower case letters that I found at Ross last year for $5.  Petra was able to do this some, I just gave her a few letters at one time. And Jasper practiced putting them together as well if I gave him the pieces for one letter puzzle.  After Petra put each one together, I would ask her to point to the capital letter, the lower case letter and then asked her what starts with that letter. For the letter B – she told me “Barber, baby, bubble, and a bumblebee.”  If you don’t recognize this – it comes directly from a book – Dr. Seuss’ alphabet book. I guess we have read it a few times.

We did our dot art letter.

And we played at the park and outside. Went for a tour at the hospital. Read a lot of stories. And had lots of blueberry/spinach shakes. Yum! And this doesn’t begin to cover all the activities the nanny did with them while I was at work – like taking them to the Tallahassee Museum to see the animals!

For more on Tot School GO HERE.


3 thoughts on “Tot School – Letter E (week 1)

  1. I have had to do 2 weeks per letter some weeks too. Either because of all the other things going on in the week or what have you. So today we started back and are on letter T (however we have already completed all the vowels – we did them first.) So only 6 weeks including this week.

  2. We have been working with Nicholas and Trisha too and Katie (my niece). At this age tracing the letters seems to work. We found some workbooks for beginner writing for practicing lines and circles. All three kids can do some of the work. Katie has traced all of the alphabet and Nicholas has practiced all of his vowels except E. Maybe Petra can teach him E next time they see each other. Trisha likes the simpler lines and curves. Glad to see new pictures of the kids. They are so cute.

    1. Amy – so great to hear from you. I’m sure Nicholas, Katie and Trisha are doing fantastic on their letters! We are looking forward to seeing you over the weekend. Petra says she will be happy to teach Nicholas the letter E! We shall see. I expect she will more than likely run and hide.

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