Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center

If you are looking for a great new tool for your tot, preschooler or young child you need to check out the new crayola dry erase activity center. I recently found this at Publix on the half price shelf and quickly scooped it up. After bringing it home and trying it out, I wish I would have bought all of them–enough for my children and as gifts for my friend’s children.

The center will fit perfectly on a lap, as well as a tabletop. But my favorite part is that you can simply insert different pages/worksheets into it and change them out as needed. We tried it out by letting Petra practice tracing her letters on it. (using tracing pages that can be found online at Confessions of a Homeschooler). I just inserted the appropriate worksheet and she was able to do the rest. At 2.5 years old I was surprised she could open the markers and erase everything by herself.The markers are also fabulous – some of the best wipe off markers I’ve used. And the eraser takes it all off.

I’m very excited about this tool because we are able to use it now, but I know that as she gets older it will even more useful for us both.


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