Petra at 2.5 years old

I saw two blog entries recently that I loved and wanted to mimic in some fashion. These were entries/updates about the children in the home. One I could never find again if I wanted, but was a list of questions a father had posed to his 2.5 year old daughter as a sort of interview. The other is a great description from a mom on her dear daughter that can be seen here.

What I really liked about them both was that they really showed the child’s personality. I’m going to plan on posting something like this every birthday, as well as half year birthdays – so at 3 years Petra will have one, and again at 3.5 years, and so forth.

Today, this entry is about Petra. She is 31 months – or just over 2.5 years. So, I’m a little late.

For a week now, I’ve pondered on this blog entry. And it has honestly scared me. There is so much to say about this girl I hardly know where to start.

Petra is what I would call an ambitious handful. Or maybe a glowing ball of fire that bounces around our house. She radiates happiness and energy. Her smiles and personality are overwhelming in so many ways. She loves to entertain us – and even more so she loves to be silly. She is constantly searching for ways to get our attention, charm us, or make us laugh. She is a ball of never ending energy that I swear never needs sleep. She is also smart and quick, but usually prefers to be silly rather than smart.  She wants to have a good time. But she does not want to watch TV –watching a video or movie would be considered a form of punishment for her.  She wants to be right next to mommy ALL THE TIME. Helping with dinner, laundry or whatever else needs to be done. She has the memory of an elephant and can recite and memorize entire poems and long stanzas. She loves babies. She loves her brother and wants to hold and coddle him. She is very social and loves to be included with other children, but hasn’t yet grasped playing fairly or nicely. She loves books, loves to read, loves church, and loves tot school activities. She loves to be outdoors and see animals, although you would never catch her rolling in dirt or on the ground. She also loves to sing – to the extent that sometimes she sings her conversation or questions to you. She is becoming very interested in drawing pictures of the family and always wants you to draw pictures of her dad.She is super strong and loves gymnastics.  She is the big sister, our oldest child and relishes the leadership that it provides.  She’s a boss and you will catch her bossing not only her brother, but the dogs, her baby dolls and sometimes just thin air.

I asked her a series of questions in hopes of an interview. She didn’t quite grasp or comprehend, so I’m going to fill in what I can.

What is your favorite food? Her response was chicken, walnuts and prunes. The true answer is cantaloupe, watermelon, banana ice cream, raw chocolate pudding, and so many other things. She does like prunes and other dried fruits. She is a great eater and will try anything at least one bite at every meal without any problems. She even will eat an entire plate of spinach salad now.

What is your favorite book? No response. And honestly, she probably doesn’t have one. She asks for Olivia and the Missing Toy quite a bit. And she also loves Big Thoughts for Little People – she calls it the crying book because she loves the C page for crying. (I love this book and highly recommend it for everyone)

What is your favorite song? Her response was “Hosanna.” This is completely true. She loves this song and we are just learning it. She learned it at church with the other children for the Easter performance.

What is your favorite movie? No response. But I’ve heard there is a Wiggles DVD that she knows all the dance moves to.

Her favorite thing to do? Talk nonstop. She talks all the time. And if she isn’t talking she is either complaining or asking questions.

Her favorite questions? Why? And when’s my birthday?

What we are working on with her: The 3 Cs – teaching her to be caring, compassionate and considerate of others.


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