Tot School – Letter D

It was a great week of tot school. Both the children have really come to love the planned activities.

We started this week with a visit to Lake Ella for a little stroll and to visit the ducks! Honestly, the children aren’t that crazy about the ducks. Petra pretty much stays as far a way as possible from these “terrible” creatures. She is quite scared of ducks. I was hoping our D week could focus on – dogs, ducks, and doors. And after a few days, I realized the children really wanted to talk about dinosaurs.

Our little Petrasaurus did some awesome roaring this week at the dinner table. As soon as Thomas called her a Petrasaur, she turned around quickly and said “you are a daddysaur.”

One of my favorite finds this week for tot school was these wooden letter tiles. This idea, worksheet, and letter tiles all came from Confessions of a Homeschooler and can be downloaded for free. After I had the materials to make them, it only took about 15 minutes to put them all together. And we love them. Jasper and Petra both enjoyed working with them and did a fantastic job on this activity. I sat all the letters they would need off to the side, and they had to pick each one up and match it to the appropriate matching letter on the worksheet.

The children did several coloring sheets this week as well as some free painting. After taking a hike in the woods this week, I gave them brown and green paint and asked them to try to paint the trail or trees.

I found these great coloring pages online at Chaos Appreciation. We of course did the D page this week – and the children really enjoyed this page. There was a lot of conversation with daddy on how the dad on this coloring page has more hair than Thomas.

Petra did a lot of letter tracing work this week with a variety of mediums. And even wrote some letters on the easel all by herself.

We did some bead lacing on pipe cleaners.

I love this puzzle from Tot School – you can find a ton of Brown Bear, Brown Bear downloads at this site. As well as many activities. Petra really needs some help with puzzle work so this seemed like an easy one to start with. She wasn’t able to match up the animals bodies correctly yet, so we will be doing this some more.

Both the children did a letter D search this week – I’m always amazed that this is something they can both do without much trouble.

And we had to do some pasting exercises because they love it! So we pasted animals and items that start with the letter D.

This week we also walked through the neighborhood and looked at the doors on the houses. Our focus was to talk about how doors are rectangles and the windows on doors can be a variety of different shapes. The photo at the top of the post is from some of the doors we saw on our walk. The children really enjoyed this activity and it made the 1/2 mile walk around the block more interesting than normal. This week we also spent some time working on rectangles and we learned a new song about rectangles by Barbara Conahan that can be found here:

Rectangles – sung to “Jingle Bells”

Rectangle, rectangles
Have four sides.
Two are long and two are short,
(Hold hands far apart, then close together.)
Please give them a try.
(Draw rectangle in air with finger.)
Rectangles, rectangles
Have four sides,
Two are long and two are short,
(Hold hands far apart, then close together.)
Please give them a try.
(Draw rectangle in air with finger.)

For our Bible stories we continued to learn about David. Since I teach Petra’s Sunday School class each week it works best to carry over the lesson and the memory verse throughout the week. We try to build on her past memory verses – she can recite about 7 at the moment. Right now we are learning about David – which is one of her favorite Bible characters and has been for months. Every time we ask her what she dreamed about, she will tell us David. Her current memory verse is “A friends loves you all the time” – Proverbs 17:17.  The Sunday school materials change memory verses every 4 weeks – which is much too long for Petra. She knows them usually within a day or two.  But I’m thinking for us, the best method would be to change the memory verse every two weeks. I don’t want to get carried away with too many, especially when we are trying to make sure she builds upon them and continues to be able to recite previous ones. Any ideas?

For more information on Tot School go HERE.


2 thoughts on “Tot School – Letter D

  1. This week looks awesome. Love how they are enjoying the planned activities more and more. One thing I had done for Ari early on was make a chart. We had done weekly verses when she was 2-3 because they were a bit more simplistic. I also tried to match the verse to a theme for the month (like December’s were all about Jesus’ birth). After a while 1 a week got a bit to hard. I think at one time she knew almost 20 verses. We would say each of them at one time in the day and then during the day focus on our new verse. Now we have a monthly family verse which is several verses long (like 1 Cor. 13:4-8) and then the kiddos have their weekly verses for church.

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