Raw Carrot Juice

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I’m a sucker in the morning for some carrot juice. I also love it as a mid-morning snack, and for an afternoon snack – so I guess you could say its a favorite of mine. It seems to satisfy me rather quickly, and doesn’t leave my blood sugar feeling all out of whack. Carrot juice is considered by some to a be a “miracle juice” because it has helped so many people overcome ailments.It  is said to contain elements which nourish your entire system, helping normalize weight as well as chemical balance. For more information on the benefits of carrot juice visit HERE and HERE.

If you go the store and buy it you will pay about $6 for a small bottle  of organic carrot juice  and it has unfortunately been pasteurized- which basically means its been heated and all the good nutrients were scorched right out of it.


The only solution is to own a juicer and make it yourself. As part of our diet lifestyle change my husband bought me an Omega 8006 Juicer. This thing is amazing. It can make ice cream desserts from frozen fruits in just minutes, you can whip up baby food in it, you can make nut butters with it, you can juice wheat grass and other leafy greens, and of course you can juice other veggies and fruits as well. The children love banana ice cream that boasts just one ingredient – bananas!

In my carrot juice I prefer a few stalks of celery. The celery keeps it from being too sweet. But I also add an apple from time to time, or a few other ingredients such as aloe vera, red pepper, and pineapple. Jasper loves this juice as much as I do! He will gladly take it for a snack as well. However, Petra prefers not to touch it. The first time I made straight up carrot juice she chugged it and asked for more. But now only seems interested in helping to make it.

For the carrot juice pictured above you need:

About 10 carrots (washed but not peeled)

2 stalks celery

1 apple

** Update** June 22, 2010 – As soon as I posted this, Petra decided once again that she liked carrot juice. She has been drinking it and walking around saying “I like carrot juice.” She definitely seems to prefer it without the celery – its sweeter. So, I’m going to go ahead tag this as child-approved.


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