Tot School Planning

In order to organize our weeks for tot school a little better and plan ahead – I’m using a planning page that is free and downloadable from Homeschool Creations. You can find it HERE.

There are a few more online, but this one works perfect for me because it gives me a goal of planning out at least 3 activities for each day. Some days I may squeeze in more activities, but 3-4 is about all I can squeeze while working full-time…depending on what time I get home each day.

I’m trying to get home each day around 3:30 to 4pm, which is fantastic because it puts me at home right around the time Petra and Jasper wake up from a nap. After naps and snack, I am able to spend an hour or more on activities with them before needing to move on to dinner. And sometimes I have an activity set for them in the morning while I make breakfast. It helps me to have them happily occupied with an acitivity while I’m making breakfast.

Since starting tot school more formally in the last two weeks I’ve noticed that both Petra and Jasper do better when I have activities planned out. The first week, Petra wasn’t really thrilled about doing any “activity.”  Now she jumps on the opportunity with a load of enthusiasm. It is great to see how much more excited she is in just one week.  And their behavior is much better. Usually activities lead to happier afternoons, less whining, and a lot more smiles throughout the rest of the evening.


One thought on “Tot School Planning

  1. That’s awesome! I love it when they start out seeming like they are going to dislike the activity and then in a few weeks time they are begging you for the next time they can do the activity.

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