CrossFit for the Little Ones

Our daughter, Petra has started to realize the differences in healthy and unhealthy individuals. I know this largely because she announces to both Thomas and I on a regular basis that “we aren’t healthy anymore.” (As you noticed in an earlier post we have lost 55 lbs between the two of us) This always puzzles me, but then I saw her point out some larger women at the park last week and declare that they were “healthy.” This confusion it seems stems from some of Thomas’ remarks, but at least we won’t have to worry about a faux pas in public.

We try very hard to keep our children active and fit — maybe its because I have a degree in exercise and sports science, or maybe its because everywhere we go children are larger and bigger than they should be. Either way, we encourage some type of exercise with them nearly daily.

One of the things I am most excited about it CrossFit workouts online for little ones. And in fact many areas offer crossfit classes for children starting around 4 years old. There is absolutely no reason children this young can not participate in body weight activities like squats, planks, knees to elbows on a bar, running, jumping, and other activities that build strength and endurance.

If your child is younger than 4 years old, there is still plenty you can do with them at home. Our children love to do squat jumps, hang on a bar, skin the cat on the bar, somersaults, handstand attempts, run, and so much more. We even help them with assisted pull-ups. And watching us exercise spurs them on even more. The more they see us do something, the more they want to try.

So get off the couch, take a few minutes a day and stay active as a family. Even 1-year-olds can do a lot!

Jasper doing a bear crawl on hands and feet.

An attempted handstand with feet on the wall. A great way to get a toddler started.

Petra on the balance beam during gymnastics class.


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