Tot School – Letter C (Petra 30 months, Jasper 20 months)

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It was a great tot school week! One of our highlights this week was visiting our friend’s brand new baby chicks and chickens. So of course, Letter C turned out to be our theme this week and we talked about chickens, chicks and eggs quite a bit.

I’m really excited about linking an extracurricular activity (specifically with nature) with our indoor tot activities. And we will be doing more of this in the coming weeks.

We were so busy this week with varying activities. It was very encouraging this week to see Petra get so excited about her activities. Last week, was really the first big week I thrusted her into more formal activities and her enthusiasm was lackluster. But this week it was obvious she loved all the “activities” –she was thrilled to do everything. And what surprised me the most this week about Jasper is that is he is ready for these same activities. I knew he would want to do everything she did, but his skill level is high enough to do almost everything Petra is doing (with slightly more assistance with some activities). I’ll give some examples as I go through the post.

Petra worked on tracing the Letter C. The first sheet you see here came from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Petra and Jasper colored pictures of chickens and then added wiggly eyes. The are absolutely in love with wiggly eyes now.

They did some free painting.

We made letters out of pipe cleaners. Here is Petra’s letter C.

They did dot art for letter C. I absolutely love this activity. These dot art markers are fabulous!

Petra had a pasting activity that I made her. She had to match the appropriate shape and letter combination and glue down. She did wonderful on this activity and immediately knew what was expected. I helped her with only one.

Petra circled the Letters C and c – she did perfect with no help.

Petra and Jasper did another pasting exercise. In this one, they had to glue down 3 baby chicks and color the chicks. This is one of those moments Jasper really surprised me. He immediately colored all baby chicks without assistance and without any confusion. If you look on his page you can see clearly he wasn’t just scribbling, but intending to color the chicks.

And the biggest shocker of the week, Jasper wrote his first letter without assistance or prodding. He just did it. I was busy showing Petra how to write the Letter C on the easel and just figured he was doodling. The next thing I know I heard him say “aah” for the letter A, and I turned around and he had drawn the letter A and was pointing to it. And as you can see there is no other scribbling, just the letter. I was so thankful I had the camera close by. So here is the big shot of Jasper’s first letter.

We also worked on a tangram puzzle, building blocks and singing.  And I’ll be posting more photos soon of our playtime soon.

For more information on Tot School go HERE.


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