Kumon Workbooks

Last weekend, at the advice of dear friend, we headed out to Barnes and Nobles to pick up some Kumon workbooks for Petra for part of her Tot School activities. Kumon books are designed to gradually build skill sets in children to allow them to learn to master the skill.

We picked up four workbooks: My Book of Easy Mazes, My Book of Coloring, Let’s Sticker & Paste, and Let’s Fold.

One of the things I’m really excited about is that these books start off simple. I think Petra would enjoy many of the activities that many pre-K books have in them, but I’ve never seen any designed as the Kumon books are to gradually build skills.

We haven’t started My Book of Easy Mazes yet, but I’m very excited about it. I think Petra will really enjoy these simple exercises.

My book of Coloring I absolutely love. It introduces the child to a small area of a page that needs to be colored. Many children feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to start coloring. This books helps them focus on one area and gradually expands to a larger or multiple areas. It also introduces them to choosing colors for the object to be colored. I think that after doing just the first two pages, this book is helping Petra with her coloring skills. Interestingly, I learned today that Jasper seems to be slightly more advanced than Petra at coloring objects. The workbook says its for ages 2-4, but I think Jasper is ready to start this one as well. Also, on the back of each coloring pages is a maze activity. This book is excellent for two year olds and maybe even those children a little younger.

At the store I decided we must buy Let’s Sticker and Paste because my daughter loves stickers. But I’ve decided this books is MUCH too easy for her. I think we will be starting Jasper on it soon instead. Her pasting skills are already far past the skill set in this book.

I’ve really had a difficult time deciding how I feel about the Let’s Fold workbook. Petra has a strong interest in folding, especially helping fold laundry. Her interest in this book pales in comparison to the excitement she has when I give her a dishcloth to fold. And generally, folding is not a skill she has learned yet. The first few pages, which are the easiest, were very difficult for her. She could only do it with 100% assistance. I think as the folding exercises get more difficult, she will find it more interesting. However, I’m not sure she will be able to do any of them. I can’t figure out if I should hold off for a little while for this book, or go for it and see if she picks it up.

I also picked up some clear contact paper last weekend so I could cover the pages from the coloring and maze workbooks and reuse with Jasper and any other children we have in the future. After covering a couple pages and trying it out, I’m not sure its worth the time, effort or money. The main reason is that it is much easier to color a page that isn’t covered in plastic. With the contact paper, the marker beaded up and it just didn’t give it the same look. I’m trying to decide now if I want to cover just the pages from the maze book, and I think I do. But I think the rest are best left alone.

My biggest complaint is that the My Book of Coloring and My Book of Easy Mazes do not have pages that you can tear out easily. Regardless of whether I cover any of the pages with contact paper, I can’t hand Petra an entire book and expect her to only work on one page. There is no doubt I would get the workbook back with multiple scribbles throughout the pages.


One thought on “Kumon Workbooks

  1. I am so glad that Petra and Jasper seem to love the books. I also found that my girls had different skill sets and Audrie was ready for things quicker then Ari and vice versa.

    If Petra is excited about the coloring allow her to do 2 pages. I taught our kids to let me see their work after each pages they could get the “OK” to go on to the next page (whether that be the back page or the next one). I never ripped the pages out, but just sat close by and then helped teach them that they had a certain amount to do and they’d continue tomorrow. I also figured out which book they like the most and some days saved it so they’d have a ‘goal” to reach so they could finish the ones they didn’t like as much.

    About the folding one- I’d wait. Their are certain areas that some children get and some they don’t. Ari wasn’t good at cutting at 3-4, but Audrie was. That’s the joy with homeschooling – individualizing their learning and basing it on things they do best and not rushing them on things they might not get just yet.

    So happy these are working for your family and I look forward to hearing more about it.

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