Workout of the Day

O.K. everyone, this is going to be a hard sentence to type out …. as much as I hate to admit it, exercise is critical for a healthy lifestyle. Whew! It’s hard to believe I was an exercise and sports science major…I don’t feel like it. I feel more like  a weak 30 something, crazy busy mom of two toddlers – oh wait, that probably IS more accurate.

Now, I hope you are all on the same page with me. This is definitely an area I struggle in, and one area of my life I quickly let slip to the side if I get too busy. This is where my husband, and his most recent plan enter. Wouldn’t it be great if we started CrossFit, he thought. And so it was planned. We joined CrossFit Blackbox and literally went from not exercising at all to nearly finishing our first month!

For those of you who don’t know, CrossFit is like the Olympics for us normal folk. Or more formally defined, it is a strength and conditioning program that combines elements of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, and metabolic/cardiovascular conditioning and is defined as “constantly varied functional movements, executed at high intensity.” Or in other words, one of the hardest workouts you can find.

The best part is that someone else determines the workout of the day and you just follow the plan. Not only that, but there is a coach there at all times to check your form, spur you on, or yell at you if needed. Literally I feel like if I can get through the workout of the day, I can get through anything that day.

Today’s workout of the day: “Black Jack”

For time:
20 pushups, 1 situp
19 pushups, 2 situps
18 pushups, 3 situps
17 pushups, 4 situps
continue until…
2 pushups, 19 situps
1 pushup, 20 situps

Yes, I actually finished it. This is probably the first time I can ever say I did 200 push ups in one day. It seems like several times a week now I can say I did something I’ve never done before. And that is an accomplishment! And just to give me a little extra boost – after 3 weeks of CrossFit I have lost a dress size.


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