Tot School (Petra 30 months, Jasper 20 months)

My goal is to post weekly on the tot school activities. Last year, I fell in love with this website and its many resources for teaching tots at home. This last week, I made a concrete effort to ensure I was doing more with Petra everyday. Now that my busy season at work is over, its a little easier to squeeze in learning activities (and photography them) if I leave work at a decent time in the afternoon. Most days this week, Petra was up from her nap before Jasper, so it allowed for some quality time together.

We worked on pasting shapes. This was a quick project I created for an afternoon project. She understood immediately what she was suppose to do and was able to glue and paste all the shapes where they needed to go. She did a fantastic job!

Petra pasting her shapes
She was very proud of her work

We also worked on counting and numbers this week. I really want some counting bears, 50 Counting Bears with 5 Cups , but in the meantime pennies worked. She did all these perfectly by herself.

Number Cards, and Row Cards

We also worked on her name. While she can spell it by herself, she hasn’t quite mastered the idea of putting the letters in a row. So I helped by providing it on paper, and she put the appropriate letter puzzle piece to match it up.

We also did some coloring and transferring over the last week. Both of them love to transfer. I can easily expect this activity to occupy them for 20 minutes.

Keeps him busy for 20 minutes!

And we tried to do an activity with some clothespins, but neither of the children are strong enough to open the wood ones we have. I need to check on getting some smaller or plastic ones to see if it makes a difference.

So after one week of trying to make sure I take the time to do set activities I’ve learned a few things. Petra does not necessarily like the idea of doing any activity. Once she gets started, she is good to go with some of them. But she does not like puzzles at all. It will be interesting to see how her enthusiasm grows in time. Of course, anything with glue or money is really cool.


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